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A Mixed Bag is Moving

Hi My fellow Bloggers

Just want to share that I’m moving my blog site over to I am also taking you, my followers, along with me. Please say yes!:) I  do not want to lose any of you or your blogs.

Oops! Correction:

My new domain name is

Many thanks

Lori B (aka lilvix 811)


The Ultimate All-In-One Mascara by Revlon

When Revlon discontinued Grow Luscious Mascara, I was terribly disappointed since it takes me forever to find the perfect mascara. I caught the Ads and TV commercials for Revlon’s The Ultimate All-In-One Mascara; I also noticed the product in my local CVS store and Walgreen’s. The mascara came in 5 different options, plus the All-In-One,… Continue reading The Ultimate All-In-One Mascara by Revlon


What Your Body Language Says About You

  You may have the most impressive resume and keep pace with the current fashion but your body language depicts the real you, personally, professionally and socially. Professionally, candidates for job interviews have been rejected on the basis of their body language. The industry seeks someone with strong character, integrity and self-confidence. During an interview, do… Continue reading What Your Body Language Says About You


Rethink And Reclaim Your Self-Confidence

Mark Twain said he could live two whole weeks on a single compliment. Even a dog gets a pat on the head. It’s all about self-confidence. Overconfidence repels your fellow humans; low self-esteem needs lots of work so you can get out there and blow your own horn. Unfortunately, we live in a society that… Continue reading Rethink And Reclaim Your Self-Confidence


Patience, Persistence, Pursuit

There is nothing in this life that cannot be fixed or, resolved; hence, life consists of situations, not problems. Like grandma used to say “there’s a lid for every pot”. Whether it is parenting, enjoying a relationship or, trying to advance in the workplace, the key ingredients are patience, persistence and pursuit. Patience: Stand back and… Continue reading Patience, Persistence, Pursuit